Thursday, 25 June 2009

CITIZENS call on Zimbabwe PM to endorse Strategic Internship Scheme

This week Morgan Tsvangirai, Prime Minister of Zimbabwe and President of the Movement for Democratic Change, visited London.

London CITIZENS and CITIZENS for Sanctuary helped arrange a meeting between Mr Tsvangirai and the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.

A delegation of London Citizens and Zimbabwean leaders turned out to welcome Mr Tsvangirai - and to ask for his support for the Zimbabwean Strategic Internship Scheme which aims to give skills and work experience to Zimbabweans in the UK so that when it is safe to return they are able to help rebuild their country.

A letter requesting the Prime Minister's support was handed over by the Project Lead, Mr Jeff Sango, as he arrived at City Hall.

Jeff and his fellow leaders of the CITIZENS for Sanctuary Zimbabwe Action Team then discussed the scheme with senior officials from the Prime Minister's office.

Later Mr Tsvangirai himself came out to greet the team.

Linda Robson, one of the leaders of the CITIZENS for Sanctuary Zimbabwe Action Team and an intern on the Strategic Internship Scheme said:

"The internship scheme has given me some real opportunities - but I never expected to be given the opportunity to meet the Prime Minister personally and shake his hand! I felt proud to be part of that action, outside City Hall, knowing that he was going to meet the Mayor of London - and that we had been a part of making that happen."

You can find out more about the internship scheme on the CITIZENS for Sanctuary website.

The pictures of Boris meeting Mr Tsvangirai made it into some of the newspapers, including the London Paper.

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